Appointment Info

FREE Initial Consultation- 60 minutes

-Initial photographs of patient’s bite and facial structure
-Initial X-Rays
-Sit down discussion with Dr. DeGise
-Insurance and payment information

Initial bonding- 30-60 minutes

-Full braces (upper and lower) 60 minutes
-Partial braces or fit of expander 30 minutes

Monthly adjustment- 15-20 minutes

-Changing of wires and colors
-Oral hygiene instruction (if necessary)
-Elastic instructions (when necessary)
-Parents or Patients will be informed of progress or regression of treatment.

Removal appointment- 60 minutes

-Removal of braces and orthodontic adhesive
-Placement of lower permanent retainer, and fitting for upper retainer
-Final pictures, and final X-Ray to discern removal of wisdom teeth.

Retainer adjustments- 15-20 minutes

-Checking the patient’s wear of their removable appliance